Wintry Wonderland

It snowed A LOT here last night. Tons of that powdery driving snow that gets picked up in the wind and blown into drifts against cars that couldn’t get enough traction to get around our corner. We did what any red blooded American parents would do in such an event; We layered our kid in denim and fleece with socks for mittens and dragged him outside to appreciate it.

When we head for the elevator, he always books it after us, like we might not let him push the buttons….

I remember last year when we took him outside for the very first time, in the snow. I think we were wearing the same outfits as last year.

I put them both in wooly caps. Aaron was much better about keeping his on.

Finally the cold got to be a bit much, what with the driving wind and all. This look pretty much tells you how Caden felt about it. The big blue blur in the left bottom corner is his pointing finger, encased in a blue sock/mitten substitute.

You can check out facebook for the full album. I highly recommend you go back and see the pics from when we took him out in the snow LAST year. They, and he, are adorable.

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