It’s just like me.

Yeah I would be the person who is all like “whooo hoo we have internet now I can blog all the time” and then forget to blog because my son is cutting two molars at once and it’s not easy for him OR me.

But here I am. I owe my sister a continuation of our short story project, I owe you guys an update on what’s going on, I owe me some time to exercise my brain, and not just veg out under 4 comforters, praying for a nap.

So, here I am. It’s incredibly cold in our apartment bedroom, because we have two exposed walls (our apt’s on the corner.) Last night I ran the space heater for an hour in here, and it barely took the chill off.

During the winter we sleep with a big feather comforter and I sleep with another twin sized feather comforter in a plush cotton jersey duvet on top of that. Aaron doesn’t like the extra covers because he prefers to sleep with coolish feet. If my feet are cold, I literally can’t fall asleep. I also can’t sleep in socks. It’s a horrid Catch-22. I put a heating pad in my bed on high about half an hour before I’m going to go to sleep, to warm up a niche for my feet.

I’ve always loved reading about what people eat, so for anyone else like me, here’s what I’ve eaten today.
Malt o Meal cereal with butter and brown sugar
a glass of ice cold milk
a piece of turkey (preggers needs our proteins!)

A tiny orange: I am a huge sucker for those little clementines and satsuma’s that are in season this time of year. Caden and I go through a bag every 5 days or so.
Havarti cheese, with a little mayo and seasoned roast beef on it, rolled up to look like clever appetizers.
– This was not quite enough lunch, but Caden decided to have a snooze, and I thought I’d better make a blog entry while the proverbial sun shines. I shall eat more when I am done here.

I am very thankful today that last time I was pregnant, even though it was in the summer, I for some reason acquired a sweatshirt that fit my rounder frame. As I have no real maternity clothes for winter, I am freezing. Especially in our chilly room, where the internet is. So I am wearing a tshirt I have that covers the belly, and my preggers sweatshirt.

Still praying for that perfect rental house.

Oh and pray for the Squeaker. True to Caden form, he is cutting two molars at once. This poor kid has never cut one tooth at a time, always two. Yesterday he followed me around for hours, whimpering, refusing food or being held, but simply wanting to lean on me all the time. Then he ate an enormous dinner of an entire orange, a bag of kashi crackers, and 6 marinated black olives and slept for 13 hours straight. Today he seems to be in less pain, but a little extra prayer never hurt.

Time for lunch round two. Two lunches, yes, that sounds like me.

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