I have a cold, or sort of a cold, and morning sickness, and much sleepification, and Aaron has a shoot tonight.

Shoot tonight = Awesome.
Aaron being gone tonight = Sad for me.

I need healing Jesus, and quicker would be better, from where I’m sitting.

Caden is currently in his crib railing against the cruelty of those that would force him to nap. Yet force him to nap I shall, or I SHALL have a Cranky Squeaker All Day.

I would like Aaron to take me to the Rennaissance Festival. He just kept calling me a nerd, but whatevers, he would love it and he knows it.

We’ve moved our office at the contact center into a big room with all the other customer service people. They are almost all women, and all friendly and kind, and Selena is buying us a fridge. W00t. Now we can have cold beverages all the time! It’s already saving me like 3000 emailing hours having us all be in the same room. Now when I have a question, all I have to do is yell it out and someone usually knows.

I would like some cinnamon toast crunch right now.

I have a long list of to-do’s, but they are going to have to wait until I have a little more energy. I’m blaming this sickness on no caffeine consumption. Nevertheless, the list of things to accomplish is growing.

I’m starting to look ahead and realize we’ll be moving soonish, and we have a lot of stuff crammed in this apartment. I need a team from the Home and Garden Channel to come organize my stuff.

Here’s the list off the top of my head:
– pack up or get rid of extra furniture
– take books that we don’t read to Half Price Books
– ship commissioned painting to Allyson, after having first built a box for it so UPS doesn’t charge me 100 to ship it.
– pack up Squeakers old clothes and save them for the next child
– do about 4 loads of laundry
– Take awesome clothes I no longer fit into/wear/look good in to Jessica Clark
– same as above, but with shoes.
– clean out storage closet and pack away exersaucer
– sew a heavier blanket for Caden’s crib for this winter, as he has a bad habit of crawling out from under his blankets and waking up cold

Phew! I’m all tuckered out. Time to go eat and read.

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About Jennifer James

I'm a full time mom who works full time. I'm a painter, a dreamer, and a believer that the most feminist thing you can do is adore your femininity. I say what I think, when it's appropriate for sharing. I write when I feel like I have something to say. I love always.

7 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Hey if you’re getting rid of books, mind if I poke through them first? I will bring cash. (And the two books you loaned me months ago.)

  2. Ummm…. I miss your face! Just thought you should know. It has been almost a week since I have seen you and I will not stand for it much longer 🙂

    Hope you are feeling less sick today – I’ve been praying for you and look forward to (hopefully) seeing you tonight!!

  3. Hey cool! I love going shopping in people’s bookcases! *bounces excitedly*

    I hope we can get together whenever I get back! Maybe we can watch a kung fu movie or something. 😀

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