Ow. Oh, Ow.

This is my spectacular arm bruise:

I have named it Bob. I am hoping that in the coming days Bob turns hideous colors. I’m sure of it, since this sucker goes all the way down to the bone. I received it whilst being the receiving end of some very hard punching. I was blocking. It was awesome, though next time I might beg mercy a little earlier. It’s been made very clear that at any point if I need to ask someone to back off, let up, or do push ups on my knees, this is acceptable. It’s my fault for not speaking up. I shan’t make that mistake again.

One way or another I am totally hooked on jujitsu. I went to the kids class last night, and there weren’t any, so I got a solo lesson with Mr. Boydston, and his son, Ryan-the-blackbelt. They talked a lot about the history, how to sit properly, and that sometimes muscling your way out of a hold is not as effective as using your body weight.

Some ballet habits die hard. When kicking, a partner holds this punching pad with handles on the back. Ryan kindly held the pad while I practiced front kicking, and don’t curl your toes! My kicks are very graceful, and contact the surface of the handled kicking pad thing very nicely. Mr. B asked me to visualize kicking through the pad, out Ryans’ back. I obliged, changed my mental picture, and felt like I did much better. I also aimed too low several times, which Ryan took in a very black belt manly way. Sorry.

Last night I made it home in time to hang out with the Thursday night gang for a bit. I ate a plate full of various food, took a hot shower and collapsed into bed. I have many things I need to do today, and it’s very bright in my apartment right now. Argh.

I must go memorize my list of terms, especially how to count in Japanese. It’s all good to try and count to yourself in english while someone is trying to hit you, but I can’t, and I never know when the end of a drill is coming, and I end up punching or kicking an extra time like a noob. So, memorization of Japanese it is!

Caden is hollering from his crib that he’d rather not be napping right now, so I’m off to rescue him and perhaps read him a Llama Llama book, or stack some toys.

I would also like to go to the mall.

Jujitsu tomorrow morning.

More later.

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