Why We Have Eyeballs.

One of my early memories of school is reading groups. I found them horrible, annoying, stupid and giant wasters of time. Why? Not because I hated reading, but because I LOVED it. I was reading chapter books at age 5. I found sitting in that little circle, listening to my peers halting staccato sounding out of words to be TORTURE. Torture, because I could read SO MUCH faster than they could. To this day, I cringe and want to scream every time someone reads aloud to me.

My sister and I both are very very avid readers. One summer we decided to read the entire Harvard recommended reading list, which I think is about 100 books. We got through about 15 books a piece before we realized the Harvard book list is HECK-AH boring. We returned to better pursuits. (Reading sci-fi for me, Jane Austen for her.)

I’m married to a man who likes to read, but reads very slowly, savoring every syllable. I read the entire series of Harry Potter in two months, he reads the same book for half a year.

The yardstick for when we need to move to a new (bigger) place is when we run out of places to put our books. I have a book case in my kitchen, 5 book storage areas in my living room, two large bookcases in my bedroom, and books stacked on the back of each toilet. I read when I eat, I read before bed, I read when I brush my teeth. I am running out of room.

When my grandmother contracted an eye disease called macular degeneration that eventually took her sight, my sister and I were terrified it was hereditary, and we too would one day lose our ability to see. We immediately researched how long it would take to learn braille. (not long, if you’re motivated)

I am running out of places to put our books. We have everything from good hardy sci-fi, to historical fiction, to speculative fiction (very different from sci-fi), to works on mystics of the early christian church. We have syllabi from our internships, two copies of Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes classics and about 6 bibles. I keep certain books because they remind me of people.

I keep Dodi Smiths’ “I Capture the Castle” because it reminds me of my sister Meghan. I have Lord of the Rings because it frustrates Aaron I’ve never read them. I keep cookbooks to remind me of my mom, and home. I have the Bible my dad gave me when I was 16, with his inscription that inspires my life.

I need a house with a library and one of those ladders that scoot around on the railings…. The problem I’m having right now is I have so many different book storage places that I sometimes have trouble finding a specific book.

I’m now really beginning to read to my son. Up until now he could have cared less about it, hence why I waited a bit. It made me think of all the books he needs: Alexander and the No Good Very Bad Day, My Dad the Magnificent, The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar etc.

This post has no real question, or problem, I just had to move three books to get my toothbrush this morning, and I’ve been missing my sister, and that made me think of how much I love to read.

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9 thoughts on “Why We Have Eyeballs.

  1. wow. i think maybe we are soulmates. i have never heard anybody else say how HORRIBLE reading aloud is. I used to read my section outloud to the class, and my brain was reading way ahead past where my mouth was, and then I pass up my line and everybody is saying, stop, stop you’ve gone too far. Also, I want a Beauty and the Beast library.

  2. Yes!! Me too. Listening to others reading aloud in Sunday School…aaarrggh!
    Reading to babies is such fun isn’t it!

  3. Jess- Of course we are soulmates. Booksoulmates! Sometimes Aaron reads out loud to me just to be irritating. I hate it.

    Rachel- It would be, if he’d stop trying to eat the books.

  4. And I was missing you and wishing I was at your house so I could re-read HP! Instead I am reading some Ted Dekker. He is singularly unimpressive to me- probably because he seems like the Christian Clive Cussler and Cussler has had my devotion too long- the genre has been tapped out for me. However, I try and read a new Ted Dekker every few months hoping I will be engrossed. Thus far TD 0, Meghan 4.

    When you come out this summer we will do nothing but lay outside (you in sun me in shade) and read books. Also snack.

  5. Jess- OH NO NOT OVER THE SHOULDER. That’s taboo in my household. I shudder at the thought.

    Meggaroo- WORD. I read HP through at least once a year. It’s some of my favorite pool-side reading. Maybe we can hook up with Kelsey K and chill poolside at Gramma Kays house?

  6. I hate it when people read out loud because the *entire* time I keep thinking, “I could be so much further along if I just read it myself.”

    I actually don’t own that many books because (1) I only buy books I know I’ll read over and over again, and (2) I am a cheapskate and always think, “Oh, I can just get that from the library” when I’m in a bookstore.

  7. One of the most difficult things for me to imagine is a world where “KINDLE” reigns. I need paper, paper to hold, tear, and highlight. I used to love reading murder mysteries, but since I embraced the whole Beholding & Becomming principle…I dropped those. One of the hardest things to do was streamline my book collection when I moved to KC…we didn’t have room.

    The Library is amazing…because most of the time a book only gets read once or twice. You can get almost everything. I love to visit bookstores, could do so for hours.

    Now…could you share Dad’s inspiriation inscription?

    BTW, I had to look up staccato:
    1 a: cut short or apart in performing : disconnected b: marked by short clear-cut playing or singing of tones or chords
    2: abrupt, disjointed

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