Bring in the Noise

I thought it was time for a good Caden update.

It’s hard to find Caden in the house sometimes, unless you’ve walked out of the room he’s in. Then he screams like a banshee and demands you come back and bring him with you. I want to take cookies to our neighbor to say I’m sorry for the screaming, but who am I kidding, I want to eat those cookies.

Caden is now crawling super fast, rolling over rapidly in both directions and pulling up on anything that will hold still long enough for him to get his feet under him, including: bookcases, furniture, piles of laundry, chairs, and wall sockets. Don’t worry, they’re all plugged with those little fingernail breaking plastic things.

He can hold his own bottle now, find his own paci and replace it (Praise the Lamb), and sit up in a high chair when we go out to eat. He also enjoys pulling things down off of other things including: books, electrical appliances, piles of clean folded laundry, food you’re trying to eat, and mom’s art supplies.

He’s very contemplative, and enjoys finding things in the kitchen floor-under-the-cabinets crack to ponder, though, thankfully, he doesn’t try to eat them. For now.

I have to say, the sitting up in the high chair phase is amazing. Eating out just got a million times easier. At Blanc he happily sat and banged the table for like, an hour. And hooted like a monkey. It was hilarious. He loves places that echo.

I put a tiny tiny tiny piece of the cooked noodle I was eating in his mouth the other day, and he was confused. He kinda mouthed it around before swallowing (see: choking it down), and looking at me to say “um, no thanks.” He’s all in all pretty cute.

It looks like my house flooded, because I had to remove and pack up things in the bottom two feet of our entire apartment. (mostly). You can always check facebook for current Caden pics and videos. He’s just discovered jumping, and it’s time to get him something to jump in/on/over. Gotta love a growing boy!

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