Disclaimer: This is kind of a tear jerker of a post. I have happiness in my heart though, don’t worry.

As a kid you never appreciate your parents properly. They are the people who tell you when to go to bed, when to clean your room, when to stay home when you really want to be out.

We do not properly appreciate parents. My parents are amazing. If I look back on my childhood, (and even adulthood) I really am very lucky. My parents didn’t grow up in Christian homes, but they did their best to make sure we did. They taught us to love Jesus, encouraged us to pray, even gave me the beautiful bible I still use today. oh yuck that sentence rhymed.

Back then, all I thought about was “man a curfew! are you kidding me?” or “what do you MEAN I have to go to bed at 9?” Now I look back and think how it would feel if it was half an hour past curfew and Caden wasn’t home. How much I would worry, and want to hug him. I would sincerely like it if someone was here to make me go to bed at 9:30. I’d like it even more if someone was here to ground me (sorry, can’t come in to work today, I’m grounded…).

Every time I fill my gas tank, I think of how my mom and dad paid my car insurance, and usually gave me all the gas money I needed (the car was used as a get-to-school device, and not a lot more.)

When I make meals, I think of how my mom always had something awesome on the table, every day, and we probably didn’t thank her as much as we should have.

Now as I pay bills, I think of all the years and years of hard work my dad put in at his job, not because he had any passionate desire to sell chairs, but because it made sure my mom, sister and I lived a nice life, in a comfy house, with lots of delicious foods. And cable. 🙂 (well, actually we didn’t have cable till I was like, 13, but you get the point.)

I live several thousand miles away from my mom, and dad, and sister. Not to mention the pets! I miss them every day. I miss them when I see other people casually talking to their mom or dad in Higher Grounds. I miss them when I see sisters pass each other in the halls with just a smile. I would do anything to be able to sit with my sister in the prayer room whenever I wanted.

Since I’ve become a parents I appreciate my parents more. I still need my mom and dad, and today I wish they were here. It’s with a happy heart as I look at my little family, but I still wish they were here.

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