If you listen very carefully…

IF you listen very carefully, you can hear me completely, utterly, totally, geeking out.

I am so excited. I’m not afraid to tell you, that when I saw the trailer in the theatre for the first time, I cried a little I was so excited. Now I restrain myself to merely hopping up onto my knees on the couch and clapping like a 13 year old girl at a Hannah Montana Concert.

When I found out it was releasing in IMAX, I almost peed.

We’ve already got the babysitters on standby.



8 thoughts on “If you listen very carefully…

  1. Oh no. This post is most definitely my lovely wife’s.She is a 3rd generation trekkie.

    I’m more of a Star Wars man myself.

  2. I’ve decided that this movie will be good, because just from the trailer I can tell it’ll be better than ST:V. (Although that reminds me: I kind of want to call our favorite half-Vulcan Sybok. What with the Sylar connection and all.)

  3. It just said it’s being released on some imax theatres. The only close IMAX is the one on 119th and I-35. Or is it 135th and I-35?

    And the Star Trek movie is going to be a date night…but I’m sure I’ll want to see it more than once!

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