It’s about being Healthy.

I had my weekly weigh-in today, courtesy of my bathroom scale and online Weight Watchers. I have based my “goal” weight on my Body Mass Index and also my pre-pregnancy weight. The goal range for my height is 136-162. That’s the average between too skinny and too heavy. I would like to emphasize that I am losing weight to be healthy, not to be skinny. I may never wear a bikini again, but I refuse to die of heart disease, or not be able to play with my son’s kids because of something that could have been avoided if I’d just eaten better.

I am really trying hard at this weight watchers thing, because I really want my size 8 jeans back. Also, I want to avoid unnecessary health complications due to being over-weight. I would also like to be in great shape, not just good shape, when I get pregnant again, which will probably be in a year or so.

Weight Watchers gives me encouraging tips (not just lame things like drink more water) that really work, and recipe’s I can do without taking hours or lots of money. I want to share all this with you because today I hit a milestone!

As of today, I am finally back into the “healthy” range for my height, instead of “overweight.” As of today I am officially..

158.5 pounds!!!

This means I have officially lost 5% of my body weight! It also drops me below 160, which was my goal this week. I am so excited that I am making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, to celebrate.

I’ve got about 18.5 pounds to go, 22.5 to get to my ultimate goal of 136. I’m so thrilled I could spit. Just wanted to tell you, if there’s anyone out there that’s been wanting to drop some baby weight or whatever, I highly reccomend weight watchers. You don’t have to buy special food, or even cook differently. You just learn what foods you can eat lots of, and where weird hidden calories are.

Size eight jeans here I come!

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