Pictures from Kentucky

Hey gang, Aaron here (surprising, I know).

I wanted to share a few portraits from our recent trip to Kentucky. I wanted to share them earlier on the photoblog that is being created for me by the extremely talented website designers Gedy & Eduardo Rivera, owners of Lifetree Creative. The reason I haven’t put them on my photoblog yet is that about five minutes after getting into the admin area I brought the whole thing crashing down (sorry again Gedy).

So until Gedy repairs my idiocy here are some pics from our trip.

Here are a couple of portraits of my grandma.

And my grandpa (who is usually on the other side of the camera).

Caden with his Great-Grandma.

And Great-Grandpa.

And his Grandma (who is pretty great too).

Jennifer is currently working on an art project. It’s a groovy cityscape made from different textured paper. I really like that she is artsy as I cannot sketch, draw, doodle, or carve to save my life.


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