Merry Happy Easter!

I remember when I was little Easter was so much fun. I’d wake up early with my sister Meghan, and we’d hunt the whole house, where my mom would hide candy in little piles all over. My sister and I would each receive an empty basket to collect the candy. Running around the house in pajamas, hunting for Cadbury eggs and jelly beans while my parents drank coffee and, more importantly, had time to get their hearts started.

Oh the cold dark morn’ of adulthood. As I wandered my house at 6am this morning, the only things hidden in little piles were Aaron’s dirty socks and a couple of soda bottle tops.

I do have a counter top full of Weight Watcher busting easter candy that Tyler Eitel and I have done our best to eat as much of as possible, so no one else need be tempted.

I really honestly want to tell you that the first thing on my mind this morning was the goodness of God in dying for my sins, the important thing to remember on Easter. I love Jesus, and want to really honor him in my heart today especially, as we commemorate his resurrection.

But you readers know how we strive for honesty here at justeastofwest… so…I’ll tell you.

It wasn’t.

As I sat on the couch this morning, feeding my son his 6oz breakfast, I broke a cold sweat. All you moms know why.

It’s Easter, or as I like to call it, it’s “Who Can Dress Up Their Kid the Cutest for Church” Day?

I don’t know if you guys ever picked up on this, but we are kind of into pajamas here in our house. If we’re home, we’re in lounging gear. We have a wide variety, and so does our baby. His have snaps though. For every one “normal” outfit, he has about 5 onesies of various soft materials.

So while I CAN find 13 different types of onesies, I can not for the life of me remember where I put his tiny slacks. Or if they even fit. Do we even HAVE a dressy shirt for him? I have never, to this day, ever put shoes on his feet. Um. Well… Crap.

Not only do I have to get MYSELF beautified in time to get to the Roasterie for Easter Coffee (I’d like to make a resurrection joke here, but it’s probably not appropriate), but I have to find my kid some pants that when put on him don’t drag down his diaper enough to elevate the chance of poo-splodes. I think he has shoes?

After Easter Service, it’s time to come home, whip together an awesome potato casserole, snatch a quick nap, then head over to the Doria’s to celebrate Easter with friends. At least I have an outfit for that. I already asked Joanna if it would mortally offend anyone if I wore my pajamas. Hey, I’ll wear the nice black pants and a matching tshirt. I like to be comfie, not a slob.

But if you see a kid wearing dinosaur pajamas at church this morning, just give me a wave.

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