Thank you Tax Payers.

Well really it was just a long day at the doctors office. We took Caden for his first venture into government assisted healthcare. We took the recommendation of a friend, Krystal, and went to Dr. Scott Dattel at St Josephs’ hospital, which just happens to be literally 2 minutes away from my house.

The office is newly remodeled and painted with beautiful murals of jungle animals. Honestly, I had some expectations about what an office that takes Medicaid would look like, and I was pleasantly suprised to be wrong. It was really nice, and the staff was obviously really busy, but still attentive and smiling.

The hospital has an entrance that looks like the main area of a mall, and the dr’s office Kansas City Pediatrics, was really nice. They had a big plasma running Nickelodeon, the fun murals, a corner of tempting toys etc. And the best part was, there wasn’t even a two day wait to get an appointment. We got in right away!

We ended up being there for a little over two hours, because like a moron I didn’t book the first appointment in the morning, but chose one in the afternoon. They were pretty far behind, on account that the office is newly remodeled and no one could find anything and the waiting room was LOADED with people. The dr was very kind and complimented Caden’s healthiness, and gave us a big big book on the first 5 years of life, which is super helpful. The book has stuff like what medicines are ok, and developmental milestones. It’s pretty great.

Medicaid is awesome. Do you know they will have someone pick us up to go to the dr’s if we don’t have a car? Or they’ll reimburse our gas? Or that we can take Caden to the urgent care at Children’s Mercy, the best children’s hospital around? Praise the Lord this is available to us. Thank you for the people who pay taxes so my baby can get his shots. It’s so cool. I’m so thankful.

Stats on the little guy: he’s now 27″ and apparently 18lbs. I can’t believe the poundage is correct, as he was about 24 pounds last time we got him weighed. I swear it’s wrong. He’s in the 95% percentile for height and weight, which is pretty cool. I’m proud of him. Way to grow baby! He did need 3 shots and an oral vaccine and he took it like a trooper. I didn’t even cry! go me!

Tonight it’s hang out night at the James residence. As we speak Caden is sitting on Tyler’s lap, staring at Tyler and laughing. Aaron is staring at the tv and laughing. I’m just staring, doesn’t matter at what. Off into space. It was a long day at the doctors.

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