Nothing is ever easy

I am so paranoid we aren’t going to have a good trip home tomorrow. If you are not in KC, or are in KC but live under a rock with your fingers in your ears, here’s some news. There is supposed to be a huge winter storm hitting KC tomorrow, blowing snow, thunder, less than half mile visibility, 6-8 inches of snow, 90% chance of snow etc.

Exactly at the time we are supposed to fly in. Well actually it’s supposed to start in the morning and go till 7 at night. We are scheduled to hit KC at 5:30p. I don’t know what we are going to do if we get stuck in an airport or have to land in the wrong city. I don’t know how my friends are supposed to get our car up to the airport safely, and in less than half a day.

All we can do is watch the weather and airport reports, and take the hits as they come. No use freaking out, I know, but I want my own bed! I want my baby to have his own room again! Plus, I was depending on having a day between coming home and having to go back to work to get Caden back on a more frequent nursing schedule. I’ve been nursing him less often (more formula feedings) while we are here, due to the drying effect of the decongestants I’ve been taking for the massive allergy attacks. I can build that nursing back up, but I can’t do it from work.

I am truly trying to be positive, but I’m pretty overwrought right now.

My lovely friend Allison treated me to manicures and pedicures at a great little salon this morning, with good massage chairs. It was really nice and one of the high points of the trip.

Now I am going to read a book, rotate laundry, and try and relax my shoulders.

Just repeat after me: It’s all going to be ok….

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