5lbs and some Crack-Medicine (not actually crack)

I am literally doing everything I can to NOT gain back all the weight I’ve lost. So far, I am epically failing despite trying very hard to control my portions and not eat sweets. Then we went to a diner with the best pie on earth. I shared Aaron’s piece. It was whipped peanut butter.

This is so depressing.

We are still in Kentucky, still suffering serious allergic reactions to the outside and inside atmospheres. I finally caved and took Claritin-D and Afrin, and can finally breathe, though I feel slightly speedy. As in high, not Gonzalez. Also, Afrin is the best decongestant ever, but you have to have serious self control to use it. Use it too much, and you just get more congested. I use it only at night, and only for three days. My very congested father and law and I were like “this stuff is like crack.” And it really is. But at least I can breathe!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

Today I had a great day shopping with my friend Allison and Melissa, the wife of another one of Aaron’s child hood buddies. I bought three pairs of shoes: a black high heeled opened toed ankle strap wedge, black and brushed steel gladiator sandals and a pair of kitten wedge ankle strapped red plaid summer pumps, with a red button. They are all very cute, and happily were all on sale. Other purchases include new tshirts, a new scarf, new jeans, and Aveda lotion that Aaron loves because he says it remind him of when we were dating (the last time I wore this lotion, I’ve since run out because it’s AMAZING.)

My in laws, husband and child are watching NCAA basketball, and grumbling about how Kentucky didn’t even make it into the tournament. That’s about when I tune everyone out. In KY, basketball is more like religion than religion is.

It’s rainy here, and cold, and when I checked the weather before I packed it said sunny and warm, so I brought only one hoodie and no long sleeved tshirts. I am cold and longing for my closet full of pj pants.

I am also wishing for a bath tub. I may go sit in the hot shower until my skin gets pruney, or I run out of hot water.

We took Caden to meet his great grandparents today, and got some amazing pictures of Caden with his namesake, Aaron’s Grandpa Henry. (Henry is one of Caden’s middle names.) Unfortunately, when we took him to see Grandma at work, Caden had fallen asleep. We’ll get pics of them together on Friday and hopefully put some online.

Things on the agenda in the next 24 hours: picking out new frames so I can get new glasses, getting a pedicure, and hopefully some long hours of uninterrupted sleep. I can’t wait to get home and put Caden back in his own room. We three keep waking each other up with our sneezes, snores, coughs, nose blowing, and crying. Though I’ll admit, on day 5 of no straight sleep, it’s mostly me crying. Caden’s done more than his fair share of waking us up with most of the above listed reasons. He seems to be doing much better, and it as we speak singing to his grandpa.

I have a secret dream that my inlaws, Aaron, Caden and I can all go to my family’s house in Seattle for Christmas. We’ve never all been together for a holiday, and we’re all so fun to be around. 🙂

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