Keeping you up to speed.

Traveling in the James household is almost never easy. I get a little warped about flying, because I like to be in control, and the TSA thinks THEY should be in control. It works out, but I never really relax until we get passed through security.

And now we have a baby. Don’t get me wrong, we have the most mild and well behaved child in the world. Unfortunately, he has this rather sticky habit of blowing poo up his back (and lately, also up his front) in the exact time frame of our flight tomorrow morning. And now he’s at the age that he thinks it’s hilarious to stick his hands and feet in it. Sigh.

Please, and I am not joking, partner in prayer with me that the child has NO BLOWOUTS between here and the in-laws house in Wilmore. From either end. Front or back. Not on the plane, not in the car, not on me. Please. What good is living in a community of intercessors if you can’t ask them to intercede? Please. I’m sort of begging you.

We’re off tomorrow morning for a week of rest at the in-laws. See our family, sleep, see our friends, sleep, breathe fresh Kentucky air, sleep, get our teeth cleaned/eyes checked/hair done, and sleep. I can hardly wait to hug my sister in law, and othermother and otherfather. I miss them. I’ll be updating as often as I can, since I anticipate my mothering duties to be greatly diminished in the presence of the Grandma and Auntie. And Grandpa.

After all it’s the season to visit Kentucky: March, month of the NCAA tournament.

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